Sketch. March 1999

April 2, 1999

the vibration between land and sky, Island in the Sky, Utah

Sketch. July 1998

July 2, 1998

Puddle in the Road, Morton's Loch, Fishing with Andy and my Father. Scotland

An early apprenticeship

June 22, 1998

While I know Andy simply hired me as an assistant, I found this experience to be more of an apprenticeship. It was an experience that most certainly helped to shape my approach as an artist. I was fortunate to have spent the time I did with Goldsworthy and to learn from a man of incredible commitment and depth.  Most of the work I assisted with is included in his publication TIME, as well as the film Rivers and Tides.

Sketch. April 1998

April 2, 1998

Hovering teacher and the space between mother and child. Helvetia Platz, Zurich

Illuminated Grove

May 8, 1997

This was an early work, exploring the use of light and material to create a dynamic environment. The layered woven steel mesh would create moire effects that responded to the viewers movement.