August 1, 2012

This is another recent work that Goodwin Fine Art in Denver currently has on exhibit. As with many wood works of mine, this particular black walnut plank rested in my studio for a couple years untouched, drying and developing the check that the final piece is carved from.

Anchor/Wrecking Ball

July 1, 2012

7/2012.  As I continued working into this solid maple orb I became more interested in its potential momentum and the tension it creates in a typical gallery environment. When I approach the process of creating works for an exhibit, I consider the room and the relationships between the architecture and the viewer. In this case, the sculpture expresses  physical and visual weight, capable of actual destruction depending on the viewers interaction. There is a preciousness with art that often diminishes our experience of it, and the prospect of busting a hole in the wall of the gallery or leveling a viewer as this swings is somehow liberating.

Morton Waller and Virga

June 29, 2012

Morton Waller composed a 10 minute sound work that was performed by 12 bag pipers and 2 percussionists. This piece was a tonal work that responded to the chromatic transitions that the sculpture exhibits through out the day. Mr. Waller, Rudi Cerri from the City of Denver, and the Centennial State Pipes and Drums deserve much credit for believing in the unconventional and the public's capacity to appreciate a sonic interruption in the mid summer night. 

Maple Section

June 1, 2012

a study in isolating  texture and color as we don't normally see it

A great friend, artist and ally

May 18, 2012

Luc Leestemaker and I met 10 years ago, exhibited together and shared a common conviction for an artist's role in our world. He was a mentor and a voice of optimism in a land of cynics. 

Rex Morgan Tribute

October 24, 2011

I created this tribute in honor of Rex Morgan and the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District in Colorado. Placed at the Performing Arts Complex in Denver, it is cut from 9 layers of limestone and inscribed with the mission to promote and preserve science and the arts for all to have access to, and to enjoy and learn from. This commission was particularly important to me, as I have been fortunate to benefit from the many opportunities that the SCFD provides.

Virga Installed

September 1, 2011

We installed the Virga sculpture on the Delgany Pedestrian Bridge that spans Cherry Creek in downtown Denver. Everything was coordinated and planned to take the minimal amount of time to avoid any serious disruption for the commuters that pass over and under this repurposed train bridge. 

UCCS. Cord Installation

June 20, 2011

The gallery of contemporary art at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs hosted and exhibit of my installation and the work of Pard Morrison. I always really enjoy creating these installations and it was an honor to exhibit with Pard as well.

Arraj Courthouse

April 7, 2011

Commissioned by the Rocky Mountain Regional Art in Architecture program with GSA, I installed this series of black walnut sculptures in the atrium hallway of the Arraj Courthouse in Denver. 


October 1, 2010

Working with glass, I've laminated each layer with an optical epoxy to create a solid form. Joe Chiarrelli assisted, and his brother Michael Chiarrelli documented a bit of this process.