Confluent Boulders. Seattle

October 6, 2013

A recently completed commission in Seattle, Confluent Boulders, is located at the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park in North Seattle.  Its been a wonderful experience working with the City of Seattle, the Public Utilities Department and the Watershed Management folks, as well as with Berger Partnership.   

Denver Botanic Gardens Moon Shadow Line

July 22, 2013

This great photo was taken by Lon Nestrud.     I think there is a real possibility with the right conditions that a moon shadow line could be viewed later this winter.


June 19, 2013

Installed the Confluent Boulders in Seattle this week. Looking forward to the finished site and the public opening of Maple Leaf Park where it is located.

Denver International Airport

May 19, 2013

I am excited to begin work on a new opportunity with the Denver International Airport. I have been commissioned to create a sculptural installation in a massive land formation that will be part of the South Terminal Redevelopment Project. Currently I am just in the concept phase of this project and will begin defining specifics over the next few months. The multiple view points and perspectives for this work will make it one of my most dynamic endeavors yet as an artist, and it is most certainly the largest work I will have ever created. This drawing is simply a gestural response to the site. 

Denver Botanic Gardens Shadow Line

April 18, 2013

Amidst the snow, I installed the elements for the shadow line in the "Plains Garden" at the Denver Botanic Gardens for the Catalyst Exhibition that opens this next month.