And lights

October 11, 2015

For the evening hours, the Shadow Array will take on a different character with light cast on each individual log. This system will subtly transition through bright and dim sequences aligned with lunar cycles.

Shadow Array. Nearly Complete

September 30, 2015

The logs have all been placed, the shadows are cast, and now we are fine tuning the lighting for the evenings. 

Revisited, The Boulder of Hands. 2006

September 30, 2015

This simple project was one of my first publicly commissioned works that consisted of a granite boulder taken from a troublesome area of Gore Creek, in Vail, Colorado. I placed it in a park and etched the hands of local children into its surface after polishing it as well. Nearly 10 years later this has even more depth for me as my children now get to visit this park with me.

first mark

August 30, 2015

Its a bit like that first stroke or mark with the pencil on the paper. This is the first and shortest of 236 logs that will be placed on the hillsides at DIA. This starts the final phase of this project preceded by a tremendous amount of work and planning by everyone involved. 

Steel in place

August 20, 2015

Indicating the scale of the future Shadow Array at DIA, the structural steel is now in place, waiting to receive the beetle kill logs that have been bleaching in the sun for a year.

NMC, Calgary

June 27, 2015

Legendary JL of the National Music Centre in Calgary, giving my prototype for the Solar Drones a test drive